Free Dry Cleaning and Laundry Pickup And Delivery in Minnesota

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Here’s your ticket to a little bit of Free Luxury.


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We know you're busy. Schefers is here to take some of the "rush" out of the "rushed hours" in your life and provide the finest dry cleaning and laundry service available.


FREE, convenient pickup and delivery service is just a phone call away. Just give us your name, address, and phone number. Your service will begin on your next delivery day.


When you slip into a newly dry cleaned garment, or lie down on a incredibly fresh pillow, just delivered to your home or office by Schefers, you'll see and feel the difference that truly professional dry cleaning and laundry service makes.


Welcome to Schefers Dry Cleaning Delivery!

Your neighbors already know how easy it is to get their dry cleaning and laundry picked up and delivered for FREE. Now's it's your turn.

No Contracts. No Obligation. No Kidding.


Your clothes will look better and last longer with our exclusive Schefers Care.
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Don't get “taken to the cleaners” when you get you clothes taken to the cleaners.


Have you ever gone to one of those gas stations that have one lane for “full-service” and a few others for “self-serve”? Did you notice the difference in gas prices between full and self-serve? Holy Cow! The service is “free”, but they “take you to the cleaners” on the gas price.


Some of our new customers tell me that the reason they switched from their current delivery service because the same thing was happening to them with their cleaning. The service was free, but they were being “taken to the cleaners” every time their clothes were taken to the cleaner.


When we say “free”, that's exactly what we mean.

The increased business we get from our pick-up and delivery service allows us to take advantage of economies of scale, and we pass those savings on to you. In fact, the increased volume lets us charge less than most of our competitors.


Most of our customers save from $300 to over $1,000 a year on their cleaning—without having to clip coupons!


Maybe we're kind of old-fashioned, but we believe the best way to earn your business is with quality work, exceptional service, and fair, honest prices. We've always done business this way and you have my word that we'll continue to earn your business the same way every day.


P.S. Have you ever wondered where the phrase “Taken to the cleaners” came from?
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Kurt Schefers, Owner
Schefers Dry Cleaning Delivery

Save Money Without Ever Clipping Another Dry Cleaning Coupon!


I have only custom made shirts and suits. Its all I wear to court and I would never trust them to anybody but Schefers.

—Joe Friedberg


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Schefers does a fantastic job! Their customer service is outstanding. Their drop off and delivery service saves me valuable time each week! Thanks Schefers!

— Toni Buck


Using Schefers delivery has been a easy way for us to eliminate one more errand. They always do a great job and their service is always on time.

— Paula Meyers


Free Dry Cleaning
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